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How to Manage Tough Decisions in Your Business

If you’re an online business owner, you probably know that being a teacherpreneur isn’t always dandelions and puppies and roses. Sometimes you have to make some serious and hard decisions. These decisions can range from something very small, like changing your logo or colors, to something huge such as cutting ties with another seller to collaborate with.

I am very excited to share with you this very important topic of managing tough decisions in your teacher business, because I know that sometimes it’s really hard to make a decision – good or bad. Sometimes people get stuck on what to do and that inhibits their progress and growth as an entrepreneur.

I’m going to give you some tips on managing tough decisions, and  I’ll also be real with you and share with you some tough decisions I had to make recently in my own business and personal life.

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Navigating Tough Decisions is Hard.

I hope that you know that you’re not alone! Sometimes it’s really hard to make a decision and put your foot forward and do the dang thing, but know that it is definitely possible and manageable.

Something I want you to know is to trust your gut. More times than not your gut feeling is usually right. Think about if you’re a teacher that you tell your students to go with their gut if they are stuck on a question and they’re down to two answer choices. You always them to just go with your gut because usually that gut is right.

Most of the time we don’t trust ourselves, which could lead to us being indecisive and it makes it even harder to make a decision. We freeze up. But here’s something to think about with every decision you make: you’re not going to know if it’s a good or bad decision until later, but at the very moment you make that decision, it is always a good decision. Time will tell if it’s a good or a bad decision, but the fact that you made that decision is right at the time for you.

Three tips on how to manage tough decisions

1. Write it Out

Make a list of pros and cons. When you see one side that looks a little longer than the other, that tells you which decision that you should go with. Don’t harp on if you’re not sure if it’s going to be right. Even though there are some good points on one side, if you see the list is a little longer than the other, that can lead you into which you should choose.

2. Ask Others for Input

Ask other people for their input, try finding a trusted friend or family member. You could also go into your Facebook group community such as like-minded TPT sellers that you trust, or colleagues at your school. Try to see if you can get different perspectives.

It’s important to know that you’re not just going off of the word of everybody. Ultimately you are making your best decision, but having a perspective from other people, especially those in your niche or those that understand TPT can be really helpful in order to make your decision, the best decision for you at the time.

3. Think Long Term

Think long-term about how it’ll affect you in your business down the road. Will this decision create more stress or less stress? Will it result in more followers? Will it help grow your business or hurt your business?

Think about the core brand values in your business in order to decide if it’s going to affect you in the long run. As long as what you are doing is aligned with your core brand values that you want to attract for your ideal teacher customer, then go for it. 

Recent Tough Decisions I’ve Had to Make in My Business

  • Leaving the classroom mid-year to take an extended maternity leave was hard, but on the flip side, I get to stay at home with my son for the rest of the school year and work more on my TPT business!
  • Closing my Facebook group for TPT sellers was difficult because I wanted to grow a community, but wasn’t getting much engagement. But now in the new year I’ve started a new Facebook group, this time for upper elementary teachers! 
  • I stopped creating social media and pin template for TPT sellers and instead now focus more on TPT branding and product listings. Something else that I’m really excited about is that now I can focus more on VIP services for covers, thumbnails, and previews!

Creative Action Tip

I want you to think about a tough decision you might have in your business. Pick one of these three tips to manage that tough decision. So either write it out, ask other people for input, or think long term, but ultimately the big thing is to trust your gut.

If you’re a TPT seller and you are thinking:  “VIP day for product listings? Sign me up!” Then you can go to to learn more about how the process works.  I’m really excited to be starting the VIP services for product listings!


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