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TPT Forward Conference Takeaways

Have you heard of TPT Forward? It’s an annual conferences for premium TPT teacher-authors with tons of insight for creating resources, marketing, productivity, and so much more. I had the opportunity to be a session presenter for TPT Forward 2021 and 2022 and BOY, was it an amazing experience!  I don’t know about you, but I experienced some major FOMO not being able to attend in person. Being a presenter, I would have loved to give a live version of my presentation! As I listened to as many sessions as possible, there were some big takeaways that stood out to me overall… and I want to share them with you!  Listen and read for 7 takeaways from the conferences! 

Listen to the Episode

In the episode, you will learn 4 of my biggest TPT Forward Conference takeaways:

  • Find your inner voice
  • Do what works for you 
  • Stay current and relevant
  • It’s just only the beginning



Three Bonus TPT Forward Conference Takeaways

1. Pick what you want to work on – and ignore the rest.

This seems kind of mean or harsh, because there were SO many great presentations this year! However, I notice that at any conference with a ton of information that I need to zone in on 2-3 key things to focus on or that I want to improve. It may help to go back to other topics you want to learn once you have improved on those top high-priority items. For me, the big thing that I wanted to focus on was DATA.

Listening to Understand Where to Focus and How to Influence Your Store’s Growth by Beth and Jarrett Vaucher was an amazing session related to data. They run a membership called Your Data Playbook and this session made me FINALLY take the leap and join. I’m excited to get more in-depth data in the next year to grow my TPT store.

2. Be your unique self.

I LOVED listening to Tanya G. Marshall’s keynote speaker presentation. I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones, but I bawled listening to her moving story. Even though I love to help other TPT sellers and other elementary teachers, I sometimes do feel alone and different from others, like I don’t fit in.

BUT IT’S OKAY! I am different. I am unique. That’s what makes me *me*. Being different is a good thing.

3. Going to a TPT conference in person is on my bucket list!

Again, just by looking at the posts in the Facebook group, I was LOVING the fun everyone who attended Chicago was having. But I also felt like I missed out! Everyone has reasons (my primary reason was that we just coming back from a vacation, but then I got Covid RIGHT when we returned!) but making it a priority to attend a conference is my next goal.

There’s so much more you can learn just by networking with teacher-sellers with a range of experiences. Plus it’s so fun to be able to meet your online peeps in real life!

There’s my recap of the conference! I loved attending virtually and got valuable information… but I plan to attend one in person in the next couple of years. I hope I can meet you there!!

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