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CTP Top 10: My Favorite TPT Seller Tidbits from 2022

In this episode of the Creative Teacher Podcast, we’re looking back to all the amazing episodes from 2022! I’ve gathered my top 10 favorite tips for TPT sellers from the past year and put them all together for you in this episode! I hope you find some of my favorite tips helpful! I look forward to bringing you more branding tips, product listing advice, and special guests in 2023!

Listen to the Episode:

Key Takeaways for TPT Sellers

10. Listen to me share about of my favorite tools for teacherpreneurs in Episode 25

9. I’m preaching the gospel for landscape previews in Episode 43

8. Listen to an interesting statistic about consumers in Episode 39

7. I share with you information on one of my favorite brands outside of the TPT world and what we can learn from her in Episode 36

6. Looking back at some (still relevant) tips on getting at the top of the search results with my very first guest on the podcast in Episode 26

5. Learn from my sister-in-law about what catches her attention on TPT in Episode 30

4. I share with you what I looked for in a TPT storefront when I was a teacher in Episode 51

3. This was from the heart and is something we can all do when things feel out of control in this Bonus Episode

2. Why trusting your gut can impact your business decisions in a positive way from Episode 23

1. This game-changing marketing tip from a recent guest in Episode 57

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