Balancing a TPT Business and Full Time Teaching

Balancing a TPT Business and Full-Time Teaching

Are you a few months (or a few years) into your teacher business and already feeling burnt out? The emails, the product creation, the designs- it’s enough to make you wish you could throw in the towel, especially when you’re trying to find the time to make it all happen! If it seems like you’re trying your best to balance your full-time teaching job while trying to grow your TPT business – but it’s not happening in the way you’re hoping, this episode is a must to listen to!  

Listen to the Episode:


Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • Time management is the process of planning out and having control of time spend on specific activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
  • There is a key difference in being effective and efficient. We want to have both!
  • There are a few types of schedules you can use to optimize your time
    • Mini Mode: 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week
    • Power Hour: 60 minutes a day, 3 times a week
    • Weekend Hustle: 90 minutes a day, 2 times a week
  • Here’s how to plan your next work session
    • Plan in advance
    • Find a quiet spot
    • Set a timer
    • Work one at a time
  • Remember to utilize templates, set a timer, focus on one component at a time, stay focused, and know your brand and style to be as efficient and effective as possible!

Creative Action Tip

Pick a planning session and intentionally schedule time when you can! My favorite times to work as a TPT seller and full-time teacher were before school (when I was the only one up), after school before I picked my son up, and after my son went to bed.


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