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4 Ways to Stand Out in the TPT Search Results

Wondering how to adjust and tweak your resources so that they stand out in a line-up of similar products?

While we can’t control everything about the TPT search algorithm, a little bit can go a long way.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your resources for maximum impact with 4 important (but surprisingly easy!) ways to stand out in the TPT search results.

This blog post will share with you common mistakes and strategies to stand out to get more views on your resources.

4 common TPT search results mistakes

  1. Not using the snippet strategically
  2. Not investing in what appeals to your teacher audience
  3. Hoping a resource sells after posting
  4. Making text and pictures too small to read

4 ways to stand out in the TPT search results

1. Think about the wording

  • Use simple titles
  • Research keywords teachers are searching
  • Think about how you can simplify the titles – is it exactly what the resource is?
  • Write a captivating snippet (this is the first couple of sentences in a description) – start with a question or share something exciting.
  • Be specific with tagging standards, grade levels, etc.


2. When using fonts – think about your ABCs

  • Appealing – attractive
  • Bold – stand out 
  • Clear – clean and clear, easy to see

I love KA fonts, KG fonts, Century Gothic, Poppins – if it’s not easy to read for your students, it’s best to avoid!


3. Colors

  • appealing to your target audience
  • brand colors are consistent and cohesive
  • add contrast – lots of white space does wonders on the cover!
  • having a clean background with pops of color can make a difference

4. Large pictures

  • use photos, screenshots, mockups
  • make it as large as possible
  • title is featured and easy to read, but picture is enticing and clickable
  • use 1 or 2 screenshots
  • make mockup large enough to fit what you need to
  • photos need a clean background that is easy to see without blurring


Creative Action Tip

  1. Search in the way that you think a teacher would search it. See where it ends up
  2. Think about how you can make changes to your snippets, tags, title, price, etc.


Listen to the Episode for More Tips and Examples!

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