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10 Steps to Starting a TPT Store for Teachers

Are you a teacher who has been been on the fence about starting a TPT store? Maybe you would love to sell resources and make a little extra money in the process. But how in the world do you get started?

 There is no right or wrong way to start a TPT store. Take it from me (and many other sellers out there), each TPT journey is different. It’s all about starting in the first place! If you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra cash just by putting up resources, this could be the side hustle for you!  

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, there’s something for everyone in the world of TPT.

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My TPT Store Journey

My TPT journey began unexpectedly in 2013 when I was still a student teacher. With a desire to share resources I had created for my students, I took the plunge and uploaded them onto the platform.

While I didn’t fully commit to TPT until 2020, the experience has been rewarding, both financially and creatively. Regardless of where you are in your teaching career, there’s room for success on TPT.

10 Steps to Start Your TPT Store:

1. Identify Your Niche

Reflect on resources you’ve created for your classroom and consider your strengths. What unique offerings can you bring to the table?

2. Create a TPT Account

Sign up for a free account if you haven’t already.

3. Choose a Store Name

Select a catchy yet concise name for your store, ensuring it’s not already in use.

4. Understand Copyright and Trademark Rules

Familiarize yourself with TPT’s guidelines to avoid any legal issues.

5. Design a Logo

Keep it simple, utilizing tools like PowerPoint if needed. I offer logo services for TPT sellers if this is something you are interested in!

6. Craft Your Resources Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint offers more flexibility than Word and reduces formatting issues.

7. Invest in Clipart and Fonts

Explore free resources on TPT but ensure you comply with licensing terms.

8. List Your Products

Start with one free and one paid product, creating eye-catching covers and thumbnails.

9. Publish Your Listings

Use clear, descriptive titles and detailed descriptions to attract buyers.

10. Share Your Store

Spread the word among family, friends, and colleagues to garner support and visibility.

A guide for TPT sellers looking to get started selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Starting a TPT store is an exciting opportunity to share your expertise and creativity while earning supplemental income. Whether you’re seeking additional resources or considering becoming a seller yourself, the world of TPT offers endless possibilities.

Remember, every journey is unique, so don’t hesitate to take that first step towards building your own TPT business!

Check out my Getting Started on TPT Guide for more detailed tips on how you can get your TPT store up and running and your first paid product listed and ready for other teachers to purchase!

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