Do you feel like you need years of teaching or TPT experience to be considered a “teacher leader”? If you have some great ideas that you’ve been itching to share with others, but not sure where to start, this is definitely the episode for you! 

I’m giving you three ways on how you can be a teacher leader for your colleagues at school or your audience on Teachers pay Teachers. Even if you are in your third year of teaching or are just starting (or thinking about starting) a TPT store. This episode will give you some reasons why you don’t have to have decades of experience to inspire and help other educators. 

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • My initial hesitancy of establishing myself as a business to sell TPT resources (and much more) 
  • Dealing with the ever-present imposter syndrome 
  • The best thing to do if you have an idea that will benefit many other teachers 
  • Ways to be a listener more than talk 
  • Advice on putting yourself out there in the online space 

You don’t have to have years of teaching experience or have been on TPT for years with hundreds of resources uploaded to be a teacher leader. All you need to have is creative ideas, knowledge of what you want to share, and the willingness and ability to support your colleagues and audience in a way that is positive and helpful!

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