Did you know that colors play a HUGE role for us as a consumer and as a business?  Whether you are rebranding your TPT store or are launching a new TPT business, you want to select colors that represent your brand personality.

In this episode, I will share with you interesting info and statistics on color psychology and also share with you 3 steps to relate color psychology to your teacher seller branding!

In this episode, you will learn:   

  • what color psychology is
  • characteristics that describe colors and popular brands associated with each color
  • interesting statistics relating color and branding
  • 3 steps to create or refine your color palette
  • what to do when feeling overwhelmed with refining a color palette for your brand

Resources and Links  

⁠10 Brilliant Color Psychology Infographics⁠

⁠The Creative Teacher Lab Waitlist ⁠– Branding and Graphic Design Trainings

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