Do you have a teacher website (or have been thinking about starting one)? Don’t skip some important things to include on your website!

I’ve had a website for my business since 2020, and along the way, I’ve made quite a few mistakes (including the platform I used). I’m sharing with you what’s important and necessary to make sure to add to your website that not only will keep things legal, but will also deliver a user-friendly experience. Listen for some tips on website must-haves!

In this episode, you will learn:   

  • 8 things to add to your teacher website (and why it’s important)
  • Suggested website platforms to use
  • Tips on if it’s a good idea to hire out a web designer

Resources and Links  

⁠Bobby Klinck – FREE Privacy Policy Template⁠

⁠The Contract Shop – Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Template⁠

⁠Complianz WordPress Plug-In ⁠

⁠Cookie Pro⁠

⁠Ashley Hughes Designs⁠

⁠Kristen Doyle Website Design⁠

⁠Shelley Tomich – Pitch Clips⁠

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