You might love to create teacher resources and create product listings for your resource. But what about UPDATING your resources? When is it time to give your resource a facelift? What are some best practices on taking the time to go back and add more? Well, my friend, you’ll get those questions answered (and more) in this episode with Alex Baxter! 

Alex is a former teacher turned full-time TpT seller. When she isn’t running her own store, she loves helping other teacher authors grow their businesses through her podcast and Facebook group The Terrific Teacherpreneur. Alex loves sharing tips about TpT, Pinterest, productivity, and everything in between!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • why update resources – even if selling well?
  • tell-tale signs it’s time to update a resource
  • if it is best to just delete or deactivate a resource
  • best practices on updating a resource
  • how often should resources be updated

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