Are you a teacher seller who isn't entirely sure what type of resources to create? Maybe you're not sure exactly what captures a potential customer's attention or what drives them to buy certain TPT products… and sidestep others.

You're in luck! This episode is a little close to home for me. I chat with my sister-in-law and fellow teacher Megan Hunt about what she looks for in a quality resource and listing.

Megan Hunt is a 1st grade teacher who lives and works in Magnolia, TX. She has 2 years under her belt and is all about SIMPLIFYING!

Megan shares tons of insights into teaching during the pandemic. She may even be your ideal teacher customer! This episode is a must-listen to for any TpT seller who wants to do some market research.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • positives and struggles of being a teacher during the pandemic 
  • types of resources that stand out on TPT
  • what teachers might look for when deciding which resources to buy
  • the types of resources there could be more of to help support during this time
  • the type of resources we should consider making less of

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