Being a teacherpreneur isn’t always puppies and roses. Sometimes you have to make some serious and hard decisions. The tough decisions can be ranging from something small (like changing your logo) to something huge (like cutting ties with another seller).

The big thing to know – TRUST YOUR GUT.

More times than not, your inkling or gut feeling is usually right (just like when we tell our students to go with their gut when between two answer choices on a test).

Most of the time, we don’t trust ourselves, which leads to being indecisive and even harder to make the decision.

With every decision you make, you won’t know if it’s a good or bad decision until later on. But at the very moment you make the decision, it is ALWAYS a good decision.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 3 tips on how to manage tough decisions
  • 3 tough decisions I had to recently make in my own business

When you get to a tough decision in your business, pick one of the 3 tips to manage that tough decision. Ultimately, trust your gut.

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