Are you a TPT seller wondering if you are REALLY ready to market your TPT store on other platforms?

Maybe you've done a little dabbling here and there in email or Instagram, but you'd like to find out if it's something to focus on – or maybe you need to stick to product creation or revising your resources and listings. 

Let's do this quiz style! Get out a piece of paper or open up the Notes app on your phone. Follow along and listen until the end to hear your quiz results!

If you took the quiz and got….

  • Mostly As – You're probably not ready to commit to marketing outside of Teachers pay Teachers just yet – and that's totally okay! Focus on creating resources and growing your TPT store.
  • Mostly Bs – You’re getting close to being ready! Continue to focus on product creation and revising your resources and product listings. Consider starting small with an Instagram account, TikTok account, or Facebook page.
  • Mostly Cs – You’re ready to market and may even be ready to expand your marketing to other platforms! Focus on revising your top marketable resources and use your influence to market with a blog, Instagram account, or even run ads to your store.

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