There’s nothing to listing a product – right? We can just upload our PDF file, add some images on a square template, make sure we add the title somewhere, and voila!

Not so fast, teacher friend! There may be more than meets the eye.

So, what exactly goes into updating your product listings? Is it a lot of work?

The short answer is yes, listing a product does take some careful planning and calculation. It takes more strategy than you may think. 

Today we are going to dive deep into something super important: the product cover. More specifically, I’m going to talk to you today about how you can choose the perfect product cover template for your TPT store.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How product covers can make or break a sale (it's very important to stand out with this part of a product listing!)
  • Six steps to creating a high-converting product cover template for your TPT store

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