Maybe you're a teacher who has been on Teachers pay Teachers buying resources, maybe you're a brand new TPT seller, or maybe you’ve been selling on TPT for a while. It seems like some stores are top notch and do everything right, while making tons of money in the process. 

Will you ever be like that? Would it be worth the time and effort? When will you be making the ton of money that people keep raving about?

One of my favorite things is listening to other teacher sellers and their journey from being a classroom teacher to a teacherpreneur. I love hearing about where they started. Because guess what? Everybody’s journey is different. We all make mistakes, and it's motivating to hear from others! 

Today's episode is pretty special because I want to take the time to to share with you my story about TPT, in depth, which has NEVER been done before!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How I found Teachers pay Teachers as a student teacher on 2013
  • Reasons why my initial resources were not the best (or best-looking)
  • Why I was not an active seller for several years
  • The spark that made me take TPT and my store seriously
  • How much I made in the span of 7 years vs how much I made after I became an active seller

No one starts off perfect. We don’t all upload a resource and make hundreds of dollars right off the bat without ever changing anything about the product ever again. 

As a TPT seller, you constantly want to see what people want, what they need, create more of it, change the look, change the price – all to stay current and relevant. 

What if I kept that chevron?

I may have taken the very long road to the first milestone, but things happen for a reason, and it’s exactly where I need to be! 

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