Are you a TPT seller looking for ways to brand your store (or your business)? This episode is just for you! 

I’m super passionate about how branding is so important for teachers who open a store and sell resources on Teachers pay Teachers. But branding is so much more than a logo and banner and colors. It’s important to draw people in with your brand style – but you also want them to stick around! This is where the messaging magic happens.

I share with you a special pre-recorded training from the Spring Fling 2021 conference all about the steps to having a memorable brand for your TPT store.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What branding is (and is not)
  • 4 reasons why branding is so important in a business
  • How to have a serve-first mindset
  • Ways to be specific on who you serve
  • Strategies to be authentic to your audience

Are you ready to stop relying on the visuals to get your TPT store out there, and start incorporating a whole brand identity with a set plan! You can learn more at .

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