Are you a month or two into the school year and already feeling burnt out? The grading, the demands, the protocols – it’s enough to make you wish you could fast forward to winter break! 

The pressure of the school year is an all too familiar feeling for many teachers, especially during the pandemic (unfortunately).  If it seems like you’re working overtime and leaving little room for things you actually enjoy doing outside of work, this episode is a must to listen to. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why it’s okay to say no 
  • How to prioritize your tasks at work and at home 
  • An easy hack that you can help you manage time (right now!) 
  • Ways to give yourself boundaries – and grace 
  • Positive and negative effects of balancing your work-life schedule 
  • How I used to balance my teaching and home life (hint: it was practically non-existent) and how I’ve used the strategies to help me today 

Give yourself a chance to really reflect and think about how you are utilizing your time at work and at home! After all – your health and your happiness is important than any job. Give yourself that time and balance!  

Connect with me – screenshot this on your phone and upload/tag me @thesouthernteach of your biggest aha moment from this episode (or any episode!)