Well, here we are! I am so excited to kick off this brand-new podcast with you. In this week’s episode of The Creative Teacher Podcast, the focus is all about what it means to be a creative teacher, whether you are a full-time classroom teacher or you are a teacherpreneur and sell resources on TPT.
Creative teaching has become important in shaping the learning experiences of students. Remember the days when we sat in rows, did drills, and worked in textbooks? Teachers are moving away from direct instruction and rote-memorization activities and are thinking of newer and more innovative ways to teach and engage students.

In the episode, you will learn:

A perspective on what makes a person creative
Assumptions and misconceptions of teachers and their level of creativity
6 ways teachers can foster their creativity

Links mentioned in this episode:

Human Motivation, 3rd ed. – Robert E. Franken

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