Looking for steps to create a resource that is high-quality, valuable to teachers, and relevant to student needs?

Grab the guide to my 5-step process of creating a viral-worthy resource from start to finish! 

Free workbook

Plan and Create a Viral-Worthy Resource

This workbook will help you think about the resources you create as you set yourself up for a resource that has the potential to be a best-seller!


✨    Specific tips on the product creation process

✨ Prompts and tasks for you to take action 

✨ Workbook pages with guided questions to help you at each step

Plan and Create a Viral-Worthy Resource

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I’m Kirsten, and I help teacher sellers spruce up their branding and product listings by providing valuable resources and tips on my free podcast and through my freelancing services!

I love to be creative and enjoy sharing helpful strategies based on my own experience as a teacher seller.